Welcome to YingXian School of Philanthropy!


Integration of Production and Education

Connections will be established among our college and numerous philanthropic organizations so as to establish practice base for internship and thus cooperation could be well conducted to relate sources. Ourschoolimplements the "double tutorial system", meaning that under the joint guidance of the practice tutor in our base and on-campus tutor in the college, a longer period of internship practice will be arranged in the teaching mode, with an aim to combine theoretical learning and internship practice together to lay the foundation for concentrators' further employment. In the meantime, relying on the greatinfluence of our dean, Mr.Cheng Gang, the CEO of the China Foundation Center, the school is working continuously to expand the cooperation in practice base and enrich internship resources.


Interdiscipline Studies

The philanthropy management is the integration of several disciplines, including public administration, business administration and applied economics. Philanthropy management in Yingxian School of Philanthropy is established by taking advantages of strong disciplinary fields in other colleges in ZJSU, such as the school of business administration, the school of public administration, the school of accounting, the school of finance, the school of economics, the school of law, the school of foreign languages and so on.


Open-ended Approach

Our school is committed to removing the "wall" of the university, offering education to the society, and students from ZJSU and other universities, even the public, are accessible to further study, in seeking to cultivate philanthropic talents beyond the restrictions of regions, schools, disciplines and majors. And our college is open to the philanthropic industry, so as to build a novel philanthropic organization with the characteristics of network and platform.