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B.A in Philanthropy Management

Philanthropy Management is an interdisciplinary major. Students willbe trained to develop a strong sense of social responsibility and advanced philanthropy management concepts, and thus systematic knowledge in philanthropy along with philanthropy management abilities could be developed, equipping them with broader international views and noble philanthropic beliefs to meet the needs of professional philanthropy institutions, including in public welfare charities, international philanthropic organizations, government  philanthropy management departments, social enterprises.

Foundation, Breadth, and Core Courses

◆ Philanthropy Ethics

◆ Principles of voluntary service

◆ NPO management

◆ Philanthropy regulations and policies

◆ Project Management

◆ Fundraising Principle and Practice

◆ Global Philanthropy Development

◆ Wealth Management

All students must complete courses in the following areas


Financial Philanthropy

Students are expected to be trained to be competent at carrying out fund management at organizations such as large foundations and so on.

Core Curriculum: Fundraising Principle and Practice, Charitable Trust, NFO Financial Management, Preservation and Appreciation of Endowment Funds, Risk Management, and Influence Investment.

Philanthropy Organization

Students are expected to be trained to conduct project management and operation at philanthropic organizations.

Core Curriculum: NFO Management, Philanthropic Organization Operation and Project Management, Philanthropy Regulations and Policies, Philanthropic Organization and Project eva1uation, Strategic Management of NFO.

International Philanthropy

Students are expected to be cultivated with internationalized visions and capabilities, being professionals to work in international organizations or foreign social organizations in China.

Core Curriculum: Global Philanthropy Development, International Development Studies, European and American Philanthropic Organizations.

Corporate Philanthropy

Students are expected to be cultivated to be professionals who can formulate the social development strategy of enterprises in large and medium-sized enterprises, carry out philanthropy communication, plan the performance of corporate social responsibility, and promote the sustainable development of enterprises and society.

Core Curriculum: Wealth Management, Social Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility, Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Executive Power.