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We have close connections with leading NPOs, jointly we have built practice bases
List of Pratice Bases ▼
Num.Name (in no particular order)Num.Name (in no particular order)

China Foundation For  Rural Development

21China Women's Development Foundation
2China Population Welfare Foundation22Western China Human Resources Development Foundation
3Chinese Red Cross Foundation23Ningbo Shanyuan Foundation
4China Charities Aid Foundation for Children24Yinzhou Bank Foundation
5China Association for NGO Cooperation25Guangdong Lantai Charity Foundation
6The Amity Foundation26Hangzhou Philanthropic Association
7Narada Foundation27Chinese Relief & Development Foundation
8Amway Charity Foundation28Zhejiang Love Cause Foundation
9YouChange China Social Entrepreneur Foundation29One Foundation
10Shanghai United Foundation30Shanghai Rong Chang Public Welfare Foundation
11Beijing United Charity Foundation31Commonweai Foundation of Chint
12Henghui Charity Foundation32Zhejiang Youth Development Foundation
13Eastern Philanthropy Academy33Zhejiang Xinhu Philanthropy Foundation
14AiEr Foundation34Chengmei Charity Foundation
15Hunan Wispring Education Development Foundation35Future Smile Charitable Foundation
16China Social Enterprise and Impact Investing Forum36Shenzhen Institute of Social Organization
17Zhejiang Xiezhi Institute of Entrepreneurship37

Zhejiang Provincial Charity Federation


Lechuang Charity Development Center of Hunan


Pingyang Charity Federation

China Charity Alliance39

Zhejiang Internet Public Welfare Base


University of Chinese Academy of Science Education Foundation


Zhejiang Women and Children's Foundation